April 29, 2020

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Kitchen Countertops

Countertop Store PortlandChoosing a new countertop is not only a chance to express your style and personality but also to increase the value of your home. At Intrepid Marble and Granite, our friendly and informative staff is here to assist you in this process. We know that the numerous options available can be overwhelming. We’re here to help narrow and focus your options! Some of the most popular countertop materials include granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, and soapstone. We stock a variety of each of these materials and are constantly bringing in more. We are happy to provide you with information and make suggestions on which option will work best for your lifestyle and intended use. For more information about the products we carry, please visit our FAQ page or give us a call.

Granite Countertops

For a number of reasons, granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops. This natural material is durable and resistant to heat, making it a great low-maintenance option for many homeowners. Granite’s durability ensures that it is able to withstand the everyday wear and tear of high-traffic areas like the kitchen. This type of stone is also available in a wide range of colors, from neutral greys and whites to bright blues and greens. If you are remodeling with the intent to resell, granite also makes for an excellent choice. Granite countertops are often budget-friendly, and the material’s timeless quality makes it an attractive feature for potential new homebuyers.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another extremely popular choice for countertops. Both Carrara to Calacatta marble are household names. These materials are recognizable for their striking grey, gold, and white coloration. Beyond these popular forms, marble also occurs across a wide range of colors, from pinks and greens to blacks and browns. Some shy away from marble because it is calcium-based and will etch when exposed to acidic household products like vinegar, wine, toothpaste, and shampoo. However, many homeowners are attracted to the patina that marble develops over time. With proper care and maintenance, marble countertops will outlast the house they’re installed in.

Quartzite Countertops

Though not as well-known as granite or marble, quartzite is an increasingly popular choice for kitchen countertops. This highly dense natural stone is often characterized by wild, lively veining and vibrant colors. Some quartzites, on the other hand, occur across a range of creams and soft whites, making this material an excellent choice for homeowners who like the appearance but not the care involved in living with marble counters. Quartzite is the most durable natural stone used for countertops. It is resistant to heat and acid, and won’t scratch easily.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an “engineered stone,” composed mostly of resins, colorants, and crushed natural stone or recycled post-industrial waste. This manmade material is a great choice for homeowners who value visual and aesthetic consistency. The designs of quartz countertops are often modeled after natural stone, rendered into a predictable, repeating pattern. Alternatively, quartz also comes in monochromatic swaths of color, like white or grey. This makes quartz an ideal option for a space that requires a neutral color palette on the counter.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is not as widely used material for kitchen countertops as something like granite, but it has a unique appeal. For those in the know, soapstone is a great countertop option. Soapstone boasts a rich color range, from charcoal grey to deep teals and blues. This material is soft and will develop markings over time. Many homeowners are inclined toward soapstone for the patina that soapstone acquires. Soapstone often suits farmhouse style homes, as well as industrial or rustic spaces. In addition to its unique aesthetic aspects, soapstone provides decent resistance to stains and heat. Most etches can be buffed and sanded out, and in general, this material requires little maintenance.

Countertops Near Me

Kitchen Countertops PortlandAt Intrepid Marble and Granite, in Portland, we work closely with our customers to find the perfect material for your countertops. Equipped with information about each material’s durability, visual characteristics, and level of maintenance, we are here to help you select the material that best suits your needs. Our experienced staff members can also offer insight into other parts of the process, like finding a fabricator who will cut and install your counters. Your fabricator is an essential piece of the countertop puzzle — they will help you decide what kinds of edges your counters will have, advise you on how many slabs you’ll need, and dictate other technical specifications. We work with hundreds of fabricators in the Portland, OR, area, and beyond, and are happy to give you a list of fabricators near you.

To get started, browse our website or call to discuss your ideas and applications with the members of our staff. No matter the design concept you have in mind, we are sure to find something that fits your personality and lifestyle. As a wholesale supplier, we work with people in every aspect of the construction industry, from contractors and fabricators to designers and architects. Since 1995, we have provided our Portland, OR community with a wide selection of choice materials. Give us a call to see how we can help bring your project to life!