August 9, 2019

Granite West Linn

What Is Granite?

Granite West LinnAt Intrepid Marble and Granite, we only import the best selection of natural stone tile and granite slab. Our goal is to provide the residents of West Linn with the finest choices in natural stone.

With its rich coloration and durability, granite is one of the stone industry’s most popular materials. But what is granite and why is it so sought after?

At its most basic level, granite is an igneous rock, which means that it forms when magma cools slowly within the Earth’s crust. It’s this slow cooling process that forms those large, beautiful crystals that are distinctive of the material. Different ratios of minerals and rocks are what create a wide range of colors that result in different kinds of unique granites. You will never see the exact same color, design, and pattern between two pieces of granite. From black, white, green, blue and pink, there are infinite variations, which gives you endless design opportunities for your home.

Benefits Of Granite

The benefits of granite are extensive. By aesthetic appeal alone, granite is an excellent choice. Each of our slabs will be unique in color and pattern, which means that no one else in West Linn (or elsewhere) will have the exact same counter as you. In addition to its beauty, granite has several other benefits as a countertop material. You won’t damage your countertops by putting hot items on it, or scratch its surface with kitchen knives. Granite is so strong that it can even dull your knives if you cut on its surface. That said, we do suggest that you always protect your counters, regardless of their inherent durability. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to advise you on the best ways to select and care for your material.

Granite is also a very sanitary material since it does not absorb liquids like wood or other countertops might. We suggest sealing your granite every five years or so, which should protect the stone from absorbing anything or harboring bacteria. Longevity is another key characteristic of granite. Some countertops will fade after years of use, but most granites are completely safe from fading. Granite will retain its vibrant blue, pink, white or black tones. If you needed another reason to love granite, consider its resale value: everyone loves a beautiful granite countertop, especially home buyers. Having granite countertops installed in your kitchen adds more than just a visually pleasing design.

West Linn’s Granite Supplier

Granite SelectionWest Linn is a city with a rich history and a relatively small population. This city is home to Willamette Falls which is the largest waterfall in the Northwestern United States. West Linn uses this natural resource to generate electricity.

At Intrepid Marble and Granite we also utilize natural resources. Importing the best selection of natural stone, tile, and slab to provide the residents of West Linn with the most beautiful materials that nature has to offer. Visit our 30,000 sq ft. showroom and see all the products that we have available!