February 12, 2020

Marble Beaverton

What Is Marble?

Marble BeavertonMarble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone undergoes massive amounts of heat and pressure, crystallizing the calcite in the limestone to create the beautiful product we know and love. One of the most spectacular things about marble is that every piece is unique. No two pieces will be the same – each will have different veining, coloration, and movement.

When most people think of marble, they picture the classic white material quarried in Italy. At Intrepid Marble and Granite, we carry plenty of marble that falls into those categories, but we also stock dozens of other options. Some of the most popular kinds of marble on the market today are Calacatta and Carrara. Calacatta is very white with prominent, bold, long-grain veining. Carrara typically has a warmer, milky white background with intricate grey veining. At Intrepid Marble and Granite, we import the highest quality of marbles to provide our Beaverton residents with the best choices available.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops offer many benefits. They are naturally cool to the touch, which makes them especially popular with bakers. You can roll your dough right out on the counter, and your butter won’t immediately start melting, making the process a lot easier. They’re also incredibly durable, in their own way – remember that some of the classical world’s most recognizable landmarks (like the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon) were constructed from blocks of marble.

Marble Backsplash BeavertonMarble also requires a little more maintenance and care than other materials – we often say that it takes the right personality to live with a marble countertop. Because marble is made of calcite, which is reactive to acids, it’s subject to etching. This is entirely normal and expected, and for many people, the way this material ages over time is one of its best attributes. That said, it’s not for everyone. Marble’s porosity also means that it should be adequately sealed to prevent deterioration. (You can check your sealant by dropping a small amount of water onto the surface – if the water doesn’t bead up, it’s time to reseal.) In terms of regular care and maintenance, be cautious when using household cleaners on your marble countertops. We recommend only cleaning the surface with soap and water and avoiding any harsh chemicals. We don’t recommend placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface, as the rapid change in temperature can cause rapid expansion and contraction,  something called “thermal shock.”

Despite the additional care and maintenance that is required of marble countertops, it’s hard to beat that classic, elegant look and feel that marble provides to a room. Intrepid Marble and Granite near Beaverton has been in business for many years, and we are happy to help you pick out the material that best matches your design and lifestyle needs, including beautiful and sophisticated marble tile. Our selection of waterjet tile and mosaics is unlike any other, from complex designs to bold, modern patterns, we have something for every home and personality.

Beaverton’s Choice for Marble

The city of Beaverton, like most other cities, started small and has grown over the years to a population of 100,000! The town became home to larger businesses outside of Portland, including car dealerships, airfields, and more. With more residents comes more houses and with more houses, the need for beautiful granite.

Intrepid Marble and Granite has been helping Beaverton residents pick out the perfect marble slabs for their home. We love being a part of the Beaverton community, and as the city continues to grow, we grow along with it. That is why we are the local choice for granite, marble, and other natural stone tile and slab!