August 8, 2019

Quartz Slab Lake Oswego

Picking Out Your Quartz Slab

Quartz Slab Lake OswegoWhen it comes to quartz slabs you are going to be presented with so many options it can be a little overwhelming. But our trained and informed team at Intrepid Marble and Granite near Lake Oswego are here to assist you in any way. Because quartz slabs are a man-made material there are more variations of color, design, and patterns. They are often made to mimic the look of natural stones like marble or granite. But quarts does have the advantage to get more creative with designs and colors because this material is manufactured. This means you can get bright red, green or other colors that are not typically found in natural stones.

When you come to our 30,000 sqft. showroom you’ll be able to wander and look at all the different options that we have or you can be guided by one of our experienced staff members who can show and explain to you all the different materials that we have, their benefits and recommend certain options for you. When you are picking out quartz slabs the sample sizes can generally give you a pretty good idea of what the slab will look like because quartz slabs are made to be consistent. But it is always good practice to see the whole slab for yourself before you buy it.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a great option for people who want a low maintenance countertop. Quartz slabs are very durable and can resist common wear and tear. Our line of quartz offers a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns, which means you will have no problem finding a quartz slab to match your interior design. At Intrepid Marble and Granite we only import high-quality materials including glass, metal, stone mosaics, ceramic and porcelain tile. Our affiliation with different design and construction associations and institutes allows us to house a premium supply of materials for our Lake Oswego residents.

Quartz countertops are able to provide the best of both worlds, essentially. Giving you the look of natural stone with the durability of a manufactured substance. Because quartz slabs are made by mixing 93% ground-up quartz with 7% polymers, resins, and colors, which are then put under intense heat and pressure, it creates a completely non-porous material. So, quartz slabs are sanitary, extremely durable and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Although they are not suitable for extreme heat because they are made with a polymer. Which means you should not put your hot pots and pans directly on the surface because it could damage your countertops and even melt the surface.

Quartz clearly has many great benefits to it and our staff at Intrepid Marble and Granite would be more than happy to show you our full selection of quartz slabs. Come visit us and look through our showroom to find the perfect slab for you!

Lake Oswego’s Highest Quality Quartz

Quartz Slab SelectionLake Oswego is a small, prosperous suburb of Portland, Oregon. Many resident’s homes reside along the edge of the cherished 420-acre Oswego Lake. This thriving community has much to offer and maintains an air of affluence throughout the neighborhoods, holding a higher standard for goods and services.

And so do we. At Intrepid Marble and Granite we only import the highest quality natural stone, tile, and slab, providing our Lake Oswego residents with the best products available. Our 30,000 sq ft. showroom proudly displays all the beautiful materials that we have. Visit us today and find the perfect stone, tile or slab for you!